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Rising damp is caused from moisture rising up from the ground using capillary action, due to the absence of a barrier to physical damp or a damp-proof membrane. Moisture can enter the building by rising up through the brick work and mortar. Groundwater salts and elements that harm the materials in a building often accompany the moisture, resulting in the building being harmed. If there is no damp proof course or a defective damp proof course in place the moisture will carry on rising up and the wall will become damp. When you are suffering from rising damp then look no further than our rising damp Sydney service.

Damp may not be visible as soon as it starts occurring. It may take days and sometimes years to manifest. The speed, at which the damp moves upwards, depends on the nature of the ground, the floor construction, as well as the environment inside and outside the building. You must be on the lookout to make sure that your floor or walls are not getting damp due to a flash flood or something similar. This is where our rising damp sydney service can come in handy.

How Do We Go About Inspecting Your Home?

  • Look for mildew on walls
  • Check for a musty smell
  • See if there is any fragmented plaster, discolored wall, ark patches or peeling wallpaper
  • Examine the condition of the mortar on the outside to provide complete rising damp in Sydney service

Dampness can cause massive damage to a building. On the exterior of the building mortar can crumble or salt marks may come up on brickwork. On the inside mortar, plaster and paint deteriorate and wallpaper loosens. In certain cases, mortar and plaster can fall from affected brickwork.

From this mold and musty odors will suffice which at the least is unpleasant. The unwanted moisture enables the growth of various fungi. It may also lead to a poor indoor environment and respiratory problems among the occupants.

Gone are the days where bricks had to be removed to install a working damp proof course. We can install a new damp proof course by way of chemical injection to prevent water from getting in via the damp proof course.

First, you will need the area suffering from dampness to be inspected as you may not need a damp proof course injection system applied.

Our damp-proof experts use the best techniques and methods to stop damp being absorbed through walls into the interior section of your estate.

Our Work Process

Inspection – Our experts, with their knowledge of years and expertise, and use of the latest equipment, thoroughly check the damp area.

Install a damp-proof membrane – Using the latest equipment, we drill a hole into the mortar/brick of the inner and outer wall while maintaining the correct spacing between holes. Later, these holes are filled; with an odorless silicone damp proofing material, so that water cannot move freely in the capillaries. Get Dry Waterproofing Solutions is, thus the perfect comprehensive solution provider to fight rising damp in Sydney.

Damp-proof rod – This is a liquid-free arrangement to prevent the damping of walls. The rods are inserted into masonry holes and since the use of water is very less, the time taken for the wall to dry up is also reduced. The absence of water also makes sure that there is no liquid spilling to moisten up the carpets and floor.

Re-decoration – We use a waterproof additive for re-decoration. When it dries up, a gypsum skim layer is applied to make the surface smooth. Our rising damp Sydney service is ready and waiting to take your call.

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