Leaking Balcony Repairs

Get Dry Waterproofing Solutions is a one-stop destination to address your balcony leaking issues. We are one of the leading balcony waterproofing experts in and around Sydney ensuring completely satisfying outputs.

Our experts make it a point to investigate the condition of your property with the finest equipment in the market. We may just remove the tiles to the original substrate or rebuild the entire balcony altogether which includes joist and substrates. We prepare an account of the problems and the probable reasons behind the leakage and access the scope of work.  Besides, we also offer a detailed explanation of all the problems, with your balcony in layman terms.

Why is Inspection Important?

A proper assessment and inspection is necessary as you might otherwise have to incur useless expense and unnecessary work. A leaking balcony, when ignored and kept as it is, make result in you having to pay a lot of money in the course of time.

Reasons for Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies leak for various reasons and you may need to opt for our balcony waterproofing services. The most common reason is the fact that the original waterproofing application was not installed correctly or was not installed at all. Bad preparation of substrate and/or incorrect product used or workmanship is cited as reasons. A very critical reason for balcony leaking is ponding water or pooling water. Such accumulation of water can damage membranes, adhesives and also steel structures. Water generally gathers in those balconies that have no or less slope and have asphalt or bitumen surfaces. Standing water can make the components of an asphalt surface to evaporate. As a result, the waterproof membrane in the region of the puddle, becomes brittle and leaks in the course of time. You may need to get leaking balcony repairs performed immediately for safety reasons or to mitigate the risk of issues worsening.

Like showers, we can look at your balcony and determine whether it can be fixed WITHOUT THE NEED OF REMOVING THE TILES. If so, we have a range of high-quality sealants, grouts, penetrating sealers and the addition of epoxies into grouts which can fix the leak.

If this is not suitable we can totally re-waterproof and tile your problem area as we are a licenced construction waterproofer and tilers, with over 25 years of industry experience, especially in balcony waterproofing. So, if you have a problem, we have probably seen it before.

We will remove tiles to the original substrate. Fix any cracks or voids that may be present while preparing the surface for waterproofing. We use flexible polymer seal to the perimeter of the balcony as part of leaking balcony repairs.  A high-quality membrane is then applied and re-tiled leaving you with a fresh new waterproofed and tiled balcony, with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Other Services

  • Install a strong and robust waterproofing membrane that stays for years
  • Seal drains, joints, balustrades, hobs, movement joints and sheet joints
  • Check concrete spalling

Call us for a friendly no obligation quote and/or advice for all your leaking balcony repairs. Our competitively priced balcony waterproofing services are not just efficient, but also offer client satisfaction. With a strong and wide network with tradespeople, we can assure you of a holistic service.

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