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Get Dry Waterproofing Solutions is your one-stop destination to address re-grouting issues in and around your home. If you are searching for “regrouting Sydney” then look no further than Get Dry Waterproofing Solutions. We specialize in tile & grout restoration, with fully trained trades people across Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and surrounding suburbs. At Get Dry, we utilize cutting-edge cleaning and restoration technology from around the world to restore your tiles to their natural state, irrespective of the damage that has occurred.

Our experienced team members can ensure life-long protection of your recently installed tile and grouting. You can rediscover your tiles as we bring them back to life. Our one of a kind re-grouting service in Sydney guarantees your satisfaction as we provide after-market care and restoration services for tiles and grout!

If your washroom, kitchen or balcony look worn out and old, and the grout is all cracked, it is definitely time to call a professional. Our experienced professionals have the ability to re-grout any tiled surface. We make bathroom, shower, kitchen tiles and grout look like new again and renew silicone sealants. With an in-depth understanding of the process, we make sure to completely remove the silicone and old grout to apply new silicone and grout, after cleaning the tiled zone. We also ensure a completely waterproof area after re-grouting your property in Sydney and make sure that the sealant is applied properly. Our regrouting Sydney service is ready and waiting to take your call.

Why is Re-grouting Necessary?

When washrooms are installed for the first time, a water-resistant sealant is applied underneath the tiles to decrease the impact of moisture on the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as other structural components. In the course of time, the sealant deteriorates as a result of shifting of the building and change in temperature. Water enters into the structural parts of the house by seepage and leakage in tile.

How do We Help You?

The grout between the tiles turns into a breeding ground for grime and mould. You may find it difficult to remove it all by yourself. Over the time, it builds up and makes your home look untidy. Our experts can assist you in removing the grout and applying new grout in the same area. With specialised tools and equipment, we clean the area with utmost efficiency and expertise.

At times, we do not have to remove the old grout and can, therefore, offer re-grouting services in Sydney, without you having to incur a huge expense.

We offer a wide range of services, backed by newly released professional products used by experienced operators designed for applications both indoors and outdoors. Our loyal customers, both domestic & commercial, enjoy the peace of mind of our restoration services, with the understanding that they will receive top of the line products and friendly, and experienced service; with results GUARANTEED!

Due to the increasing popularity and volume of tiled areas in domestic and commercial premises, we provide a niche service to renew & maintain ceramic tiles, grout and silicone sealants. This is where our regrouting Sydney service can come in handy. With us by your side, you can surely get the desired results, without having to spend a lump sum for remodelling your home’s interior or exterior space. Your home will stay stain-free for years, once you avail our services. With a re-grouted interior, you can stay sure that your home will have added value when and if, you try to resell it.

If you’ve got a leaky shower or maybe a leaky bath… we can help!

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