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With years of experience and lots of knowledge gathered, we know which solution can be apt for which type of problem. Our experts make use of the right equipment to offer waterproofing solutions in Sydney.

Do you need waterproofing Sydney? Waterproofing work involves any protective treatment of a dwelling designed to prevent the penetration of water or moisture into the dwelling. It also refers to the protective treatment of wet areas in a dwelling designed to prevent the unwanted escape of water from those areas by using solid membranes or membranes applied by brush, roller or any other method.

Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or even below the ground, as well as decks, balconies and internal wet areas like shower recess or washrooms.

When it comes to drainage and waterproofing, there are many things to consider. This is especially prevalent in situations where groundwater could build up in the ground and increase the level in the water table. It is this increase, which can cause what is called the hydrostatic pressure to be pushed underneath the basement of your home or building and up against the walls or ceiling. It is this extensive force, which can put a great amount of stress and pressure allowing water to seep through, in the form of cracks in load bearing and non-load bearing walls. This occurs through the gaps caused by the expansion and contraction in what is known as the footing foundation wall, which extends through the cracks in the floor. This great force can unfortunately cause a significant and major structural damage to important foundational structure of your home and building, which for safety purposes needs to be addressed immediately. This can also contribute to other issues downstream including the decay of materials, mould build up and other moisture related issues. Moreover, moisture retention can also cause damage to the wooden structure.

Structural waterproofing in Sydney is used to protect structures from damp/water tables by the use of a physical barrier. It is used for creating dry environment (such as in basements, lift pits), protection against deterioration (such as in car parks and on balconies and decks) and also waterproofing for functionality.

How Do We Understand that You Need to Opt for Waterproofing?

  • Your carpet is wet and has developed mould, as well as fungi
  • A strong musty smell emits from your property’s insides
  • Most rooms are characterized by fungal growth
  • Moisture-laden environment in all rooms
  • All walls adjoining wet areas have a penetrating or rising damp
  • Ceilings are getting destroyed


What Do We Look for During Inspection?

  • Weak waterproofing system
  • Bad design of washroom
  • Low-quality of substrate
  • Improper installation of waterproofing system
  • Absence or poor selection of a bond breaker
  • Low altitude of waterstops for hobless showers
  • Shower screen positioned in the wrong place
  • Sealant used is not appropriate for waterproofing membrane
  • Shower sealing fixings do not have sealants


Internal waterproofing in Sydney applies to the interiors of a dwelling. Of all the rooms in your house, you will need the washroom to be the most waterproof. Waterproofing is one of the first steps to take place when a washroom is being built. It involves installing a waterproof barrier around the walls and floor in your washroom to protect the structure of the house from the moisture. Waterproofing is very black and white; your washroom is either waterproof, or not waterproof. If not waterproofed, damage will surely be caused to the structure of the building among other things.

We are specialists in all structural waterproofing works, as well as internal applications for both domestic and commercial clients.

The products used by us have been developed over many years by specialist companies in this fast developing area. Liquid-applied polymer-based systems, with an adhesive quality, will last for the lifetime of the building.

We Use Polymer-based materials

Some of the polymer based materials are as follows.


Our experts apply polyurea spray to offer a protective coating over your building’s surface. Easily available and cost-effective, we use these products on all types of projects. It easily dries up in a minute adding sound proofing and gearing up the features of your building.

Acrylic Membranes

We check and inspect your property to determine the most suited acrylic membranes to fight water leaking. Since, we believe that each waterproofing requirement needs a different membrane type; we keep ourselves equipped, with a wide variety of membranes. We make sure that the bonding tape is utilized and joints are caulked to stop the expansion of all joints and ensure the desired performance of the membranes. We know that lack of attention to the leaking situation is one of the prime reasons behind the malfunctioning membrane. We can find out the problem zone and pay attention to effective workmanship. With our constant checking, we see to it that you have no chance to worry or get anxious.

Our team has extensive experience in providing waterproofing services in Sydney from a whole range of issues and we can provide a comprehensive, efficient service from pre-tender design to completion, with competitive rates and careful attention to safety.

We promise to respond to all queries, without delay. We understand that every project is different, thereby promising to approach your needs, with a fresh perspective.

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